Range of Services offered :

  • Design and engineering of civil works and foundations for industrial buildings and structures.
  • Design, engineering and detailing of steel structures including storages, buildings, conveyor galleries, junction houses, steel structural fabrication drawings etc.
  • Design and engineering for material handling systems including conveyors and related equipment for all bulk handling systems for various raw materials like coal, lignite, iron ore etc.
  • Equipment selection for all steel plant equipment.
  • Preparation of optimum layouts for the plant and plant engineering services.
  • Design of gas piping systems, water supply, compressed air lines, etc.
  • Design and engineering of raw water reservoirs, ash ponds, pump houses, and allied structures.
  • Design and engineering services for cross country water supply pipe lines.
  • Detailed project reports, bankable techno economic feasibility studies, site selection reports etc.
  • Inspection services.
  • Designers supervision at site.
  • Power Supply, distribution, shop electrics, illumination, fire alarm systems, security surveillance systems, instrumentation and communication systems.
  • Ventilation, air conditioning & dust and fume extraction systems.
  • PMC services and owners engineering consultancy services.

The guiding philosophy of our organization is to provide the highest levels of engineering consultancy services for organizations in India and abroad. Having worked in an ISO 9001 environment in our erstwhile companies, quality aspects are of utmost importance to us.



Basic engineering includes the following:

  1. Operational philosophy.
  2. General schematic diagram including process flow, material balance calculation and energy balance calculation.
  3. General layout drawings including sectional drawings to show basic arrangement of the plant facility.



The major activities that go with detailed engineering can be broadly defined as follows:

  1. Plant general layout & shop layout. Based on the process and equipment data of basic engineering documents, plant general layout as well as the shop layouts for the various plant units and facilities will be developed. While developing the layout, site conditions will be kept in view and provision will be made for future expansion.
  2. Division list of supplies indicating brief specification of all bought out items from both indigenous and foreign sources.
  3. Prepare technical specification and related drawings to invite tenders for supply of plant & equipment.
  4. Tender scrutiny and recommendations of the most suitable vendor from both technical and commercial point of view and furnish recommendations to the client for placement of order.
  5. Construction drawings for civil & steel structural work.
  6. Design & drawings for plant water supply systems, gas piping systems, compressed air systems, fire fighting systems, etc.
  7. Power supply , distribution, shop electrics, illumination, fire alarm systems, security surveillance systems, instrumentation and communication systems.
  8.  Ventilation, air conditioning & dust and fume extraction system.
  9.  Effluent treatment and  disposal systems.
  10. Storm water and sewerage system.
  11. Storage and material handling facilities.
  12. Inspection services, preparation of QAP etc.
  13. Auxiliary facilities required for the plant including administrative building, main gate, welfare building, canteen, work shop and maintenance facilities, etc.
  14. Architectural and land scaping.
  15. Assistance to client during erection, testing and commissioning.
  16. Project management consultancy services.
  17. Owners consultancy services.